Tenant fees & charges




We require all tenants fully referenced and in accordance with the Immigration Act have the right to rent in the UK. Guarantors and companies must also be fully referenced. A charge of £120 is made to all UK based and non-UK based individuals, the cost of referencing for companies is £180.

A guarantor may be required if there is insufficient credit history regarding a prospective tenant. We require all guarantors to be based in the UK, to be homeowners and to complete and pass our referencing procedures. The charge for this is £95 per guarantor.

Tenancy Agreements

There is a charge to the tenant for the preparation of the tenancy agreement. The cost for an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) or non-housing act tenancy (where the rent exceeds £100,000 per annum, where the property is not used as the main residence, or where the property is to be occupied by a company) is £240.

Renewal of a Tenancy

If the tenancy is renewed or extended beyond the original term, a fee of £90 will be charged to cover our administration.

Change of tenant

If a tenant within a shared property wishes to be replaced by a new tenant then, subject to the landlord’s consent and satisfactory references, a fee of £420 is payable by the existing tenant for the creation of an addendum to the tenancy agreement. Each additional tenant will bear the charge of £120 for referencing and Right to Rent checks.


The tenant is responsible for the cost of the inventory check out which is carried out at the end of the tenancy by an independent inventory clerk. The cost may vary depending on the size of the property but will be in the region of £144. Unless otherwise stated this cost will be deducted from the security deposit at the end of the tenancy.


name of fees



References & Right to Rent Checks


Required for each tenant

References - Guarantor


Required for each guarantor

References - Company


May vary due to the location of the company

Tenancy Agreements


Paid in advance of the tenancy

Change of Tenant


Paid by the existing tenant

Renewal of Tenancy


Paid upon renewal of the tenancy

Inventory Check Out


Can vary depending on the size of the property




Reservation Fee

Once you have selected your property and agreed a price, a reservation fee two weeks rent will secure the property for you while we obtain references. Upon receipt of satisfactory references, the reservation fee will be deducted from the outstanding move in monies. In the event that the references prove unsatisfactory, the paperwork is not completed within 10 working days of selecting the property or you change your mind about the property the reservation fee will not be refunded. If however, the landlord withdraws the property from the market for any reason (other than the above), the reservation fee will be refunded in full.

Security Deposit

A deposit equivalent to six weeks rent is required to be paid against dilapidations and unpaid bills. In most cases the deposit will be held by Hurford Salvi Carr as stakeholders and will be refunded within the appropriate timeframe at the end of the tenancy subject to any deductions. For assured short-hold tenancies, Hurford Salvi Carr are members of the TDS (Tenancy Deposit Scheme). Any dispute over the deposit between the landlord and tenant which is brought to the agents attention within 30 days of the end of the tenancy will be immediately referred to The Dispute Service Limited, PO Box 1255, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP1 9GN Tel:0845 226 7837.

other costs



The Tenant is responsible for all utilities associated with the property including Electricity, Gas, TV Licence, Cable/Satellite, Water, Council Tax and Broadband/Telephone services unless otherwise stated.

Reference Provision Fee

A fee of £30 is payable should a tenant request a post tenancy reference from Hurford Salvi Carr. Any reference request for tenancies which are not managed by Hurford Salvi Carr should be directed to the property owner/ Landlord.

Early termination of the tenancy

Should the landlord agree to a tenant’s request to terminate the tenancy early, (before the tenant’s break clause is reached or before the end of the fixed term if there is no break clause), then the tenant will be responsible for the commission paid in advance by the landlord which will be calculated pro-rata to the unexpired portion of the tenancy. The tenant may also be asked to pay rent up to the point in which a suitable replacement tenant is found, any shortfall in rent would also need to be covered by the departing tenant.


All charges levied by Hurford Salvi Carr are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate.


Hurford Salvi Carr reserves the right to amend the above fees and terms at any time. A reasonable notice period will be given in writing.


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Tenant Fees & Charges

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