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Wick Lane Wharf, Bow, E3

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Wick Lane Wharf is a modern residential apartment building that overlooks the Olympic Stadium and River Lea in London's east end.

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Hurford Salvi Carr new homes estate agents in Bow can help you find the right property for you. With over 16 years experience and over 3000 new houses  sold so far in central London, our expert property advisors in new homes will offer you professional and comprehensive services to maximise your return of investment. 



The New Homes Property Market In Bow


The location offers new and modern apartment complexes and single and two-storey houses. In the year 2012, many of the region’s structures were rebuilt and renovated. Today, the properties available for sale have remodels according to the new architectural standards. There are plenty of properties East London has to offer, where new property developments, new build houses and new properties for sale are always an option.

New build apartments and new build flats help you find the perfect new home in Bow that you have always been looking for. Living in London, you have to be aware of the property market and the market trends so you can benefit from the right opporunities. Make sure to visit our new homes department in Bow can certainly help you locate the most suitable property for you and your family.


Living in Bow


Bow is one of the most prominent trade areas in London. It offers its residents many opportunities for work and recreation. The area is located in London, England, near the London Borough.

It is among the most private areas in East London and can be found in the East of the Charing Cross. The name of the location was previously Stratford, London. "Bow" is a truncation of the medieval name called Stratford-atte-Bow, in which "Bow" alludes to a scaffold manufactured in the mid-12th century.

The highlight of the area is the Olympic park, a recreation frequently used for Olympic Games. For Olympic lovers, buying a property or new build houses in Bow can be heaven. The architecture in bow talks of modern life in contrast with old English architecture. It allows you to experience the beauty of both with amazing streets, beautiful buildings and houses that are sturdier than they look wide and open.


The area includes various institutions and schools that make it the best choice for those looking to raise a family in the area. The location includes the University of London, Victoria Park green knolls, Wellington Primary School, London College of Media & Technology and Roman Road Market region with its eateries, bars and recreation centre.

Things to do in Bow

With the rich history and various historically significant monuments, Bow is one of the finest neighbourhoods in the UK's capital. As Bloomsbury zone Bow offers the liberal spaces, with roomy galleries and custom-fabricated porches; the building designs are tantamount to that of old structures. The major highlights of the area include the St. Mary-le-Bow church, which is one of the region's great sights.