Corporate Property Leasing

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With the continuing development of the private rented sector in Central London and the prevailing economic climate, it is essential to seek expert residential property investment advice from agents who have experience and expertise.

What is Corporate Leasing

Corporate leasing is an alternative to the traditional form of renting out of property upon an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) basis and a concept that we have successfully developed. It involves leasing several apartments in a building together or whole apartment blocks upon a quasi – commercial basis to a single (corporate) tenant. Unlike an AST which is traditionally granted for a term of twelve months, the term of a corporate lease may be up to 10 years or even longer.  Also, some of the responsibility for managing the investment property is passed over to the tenant.

What are the benefits of Corporate Property Leasing

Corporate property leasing can provide savings in terms of letting and management costs. Void periods between lettings as may sometimes occur with an AST can also be avoided.

Who are the tenants in Corporate Property Leasing

Our corporate tenants are various serviced apartment operators and university accommodation providers.

Why Hurford Salvi Carr

When it comes to leasing or pre-leasing, the residential investment division at Hurford Salvi Carr have a thorough understanding for this type of investment.  Our long experience in corporate leasing combined with the latest development and occupational activity can provide you with the right guidance to maximise your returns on your investment.