Whitechapel Area Guide – History, Atrractions, Education

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This guide takes you through the modern streets of Whitechapel, showing you the best things about the area from where to stay, to where to catch a bus or train from. We also show you the best places to hang out with family and friends and of course where to grab a bite to eat. Whitechapel is only 20 minutes from central London which makes it the perfect location to relocate to or stay in when you are on holiday.

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Area Overview

Whitechapel is located in the East end of London, England. The charming town is not far from the famous Middlesex Street and is only a bus ride away from downtown London. Whether you are moving to England for the first time or simply looking for a new area to live in, Whitechapel is definitely worth considering. The town has proved to be a popular place for the people of Bangladesh who have forged a strong community in the area around Whitechapel Road and Brick Lane.


The history of Whitechapel runs as far back as the 19th century. The town’s history is one that is filled with dark memories such as the accounts of Jack the Ripper who terrorized the town in the 1880s. However the history is not all doom and gloom as there are other accounts involving the construction of the magnificent church of St Mary Matfelon which once stood as a wonder in the town. Today the site of this church has been converted into a public garden and can be seen from Whitechapel High Street. Whitechapel is an inseparable part of London’s history as even by the late 16th century the area was already being viewed as part of London.


Whitechapel is located next to the area of London known as Aldgate and is not too far from the London Wall which makes it a central place to be in when you wish to visit other neighbouring areas of London. Residents of Whitechapel find that living only 20 minutes from downtown London has its perks as you are never too far to get onto a bus and go and spend the day in the City of London.

Property Market

Whitechapel Area Guide – History, Atrractions, Education

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While Whitechapel has been around for several centuries, the 20th century and 21st century have seen the property market change and grow as the population of the area increased. To keep up with the demand for new homes, there are thousands more houses still being built even today!

Whitechapel is already a lucrative area to live in and is set to become an even more attractive area for investment as the town is expected to have homes that cost more than those in the City of London.

The majority of homes in Whitechapel are in the form of apartments found in high rise buildings and ex-council stock buildings. The mix of old and new housing gives the area a feel of old meets new and makes the town feel more vibrant and alive. You can never go wrong when you invest in this highly sought after area.


The old-meets-new feel of buildings in Whitechapel reminds you of the deep history of the town as much as it also shows the move towards embracing more contemporary architecture. You will find high rise buildings in the greater parts of the town as well as old buildings that have been remodelled and turned into functional spaces occupied by businesses.

The modern structures you see standing in Whitechapel feature a lot of modern glaze and glass. There is a move towards large windows and sleek lines in a lot of the architecture.

Sights & Attractions

Whitechapel Area Guide – History, Atrractions, Education

Whitechapel Bell Foundry

Whitechapel offers so many different things to see. It is home to some very interesting historical sites such as the Whitechapel Bell Foundry which is found dead centre of town. This famous Foundry which happens to be Britain’s oldest manufacturing company (founded in 1570) created Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell, and Great Bell of Montreal and London’s iconic Big Ben.

Galleries & Famous Houses

If you wish to see an original Picasso painting you should visit the Whitechapel Gallery where you will be privy to Picasso’s Guernica during the Whitechapel Area Guide – History, Atrractions, EducationSpanish Civil War. The Gallery date back to the time of King Edward, and is home to a collection of artwork done by many famous artists of that time period.

Dennis Sever began recreating his home and turning it into a living museum as a hobby. Today the house stands as a place of attraction on Folgate Street as it bears witness to the historical period 300 years ago during the time silk weavers used to make a living in the area.

Another house that many find interesting is that found at 19 Princelet Street which was used as a meeting place by persecuted Jews and actually contains a secret synagogue. The house has been opened to the general public as a museum.

Other notable places that might be interesting to visit include the local tanneries, breweries, and slaughterhouses.

Sports Centres & Outdoor Activities

If you are a sporting enthusiast then feel free to visit the Whitechapel Sports Centre which can be found on Durward Street. Becoming a member of this exclusive sports centre puts at your disposal a private gym and pool which are both owned by the council.

If you are looking for a head rushing, blood-curdling time, head over to The Monument. The 202 feet high isolated stone column is a challenge that many people would rather avoid, but adventure seekers will find it too exciting to pass over. If you manage to climb to the top you get to go home with a certificate of achievement that gets given to very few individuals.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane is the hub of all things exotic. You can find all kinds of curries here – hot, mild, and sweet and anything else in between. However you can find much, much more than just curry spices on Brick Lane, you can find Jewish cuisine, Indian saris as well as studios for upcoming artists.

Children’s Activities

Children can join in the fun when you visit Whitechapel or even if you live there. Whitechapel is a family friendly environment with places such as the All Star Brick Lanes and St Katherine Docks Treasure Trail. Enjoy a night of bowling at the All Star Brick Lanes or be a child again as you and your kids set out on a treasure hunt together at St Katherine Docks Treasure Trail.


Hackney City farms make for awesome educational trips for youngsters as they get up close to animals that they don’t usually see regularly such as pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, and other small animals. The best part about these farms is that admission is free!


Whitechapel Area Guide – History, Atrractions, EducationYou do not need to own a personal vehicle to get around in Whitechapel. With so many buses available you are able to commute anywhere you wish, simply head on over to Whitechapel High Street to get a bus. For trains the closest train station is found at Crossrail. The tube stations available all lie in Zone 1. Whitechapel sits on the District and Hammersmith & City Tube lines. A travel card costs £1,216 per year.

Trains are in constant motion every hour of the day, which means you never have to worry about not having access to transport at any time of the day. Owning your own car only makes life a bit simpler for you although it is not really necessary to own a car because of the ease of access to both tubes and buses.

Shopping & Recreational Activities

Whitechapel Area Guide – History, Atrractions, Education

Whether you are living in Whitechapel or simply visiting, you will find it a great joy to shop in the little town because of the diversity of available items on sale. From curries and Indian saris on Brick Lane, to beers at the Old Truman Brewery, there is something for everyone on Whitechapel’s shopping scene.

The weekends make for the best times to shop as there is always a great variety of entertainers on show both day and night. Street vendors are also available selling local fast food to passers-by.

That’s not all, but you can find everything and anything on Whitechapel High Street from vintage outfits to one-of-a-kind handmade articles. Being the town’s main shopping area means that the High Street has more to offer you. You will find stores such as Sportec, Arabian Nites, Blackstone, and many coffee shops and bakeries.


The best place to find Oriental cuisine, Indian to be precise is Brick Lane. You can never go wrong when you head for Brick Lane. If you are looking for other more traditional English and European foods then you will find them in restaurants such as Carluccio’s, Patisserie Verlie and Giraffe, and Fergus Henderson’s St John’s Bread and Wine which can all be found on Commercial Street.

Educational Opportunities

Residents living in Whitechapel never have to worry about where to send their children to school thanks to the availability of schools for children and adults.

Primary school age children have the following schools available to them:

  • Marion Richardson Primary School
  • Smithy Street School
  • Redlands Primary School

For adolescents entering Middle and High schools the following schools are also there for them:

  • London Islamic School
  • Mulberry School for Girls

Young adults and indeed everyone else has the opportunity to continue with their education thanks to the manifold vocational schools, tertiary institutions and training centres at their disposal. A list of some of the available courses includes:

  • Managing conflict –these classes focus on how to resolve and deal with conflicts. This is one class that will teach you how to handle and diffuse difficult situations at work and in any tense situation you find yourself.
  • IT – we have now entered what is being called the Information Age. The Information Technology course is one of the best courses to take up as it will equip you with much sought after skills in today’s work market.
  • Hope Club –with statistics of those engaged in drug abuse reaching an all-time high, clubs such as this one where advice to those coming out of drug abuse pasts is given are crucial.
  • Arts and Crafts –these classes are very useful in that they teach skills that you may be interested in but have no way of learning about such as ceramics, drawing, filmmaking, and art history.
  • Whitechapel Homeless Football League –is a local football club that empowers local players and brings together people from all walks of life.

For those who wish to pursue more specialised courses, there are colleges available in Whitechapel such as:

  • London Regal College
  • City University London
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • London West Valley College
  • Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School
  • Shaw Academy
  • United Placement Services

Public Amenities

With a population of over 14, 000 Whitechapel has made provisions for its residents and has several shopping centres, cafes, bars and pubs, restaurants and health centres. Honoured and considered as a town moving towards being an eco-region, the area boasts several open green spaces.

Victoria Park

One such place is Victoria Park. This picturesque park is great for jogging as well as walking the dog. It is one of London’s most historic and oldest public parks and is considered as one of the top recreational parks in Whitechapel. During summer, residents and visitors alike can cool themselves in the splash pool.

London Fields

For those looking for another place to take a swim in, they can proceed to London Fields where they can swim in the Lido. The beauty about Lido is that you can come here and swim any time of the year.

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