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When you receive notice to complete from Telford Homes, you will be invited to attend a walk-through of the property (pre-completion inspection) with a member of their customer service team. Take advantage of this opportunity to pick up on any small defects that you detect such as mastic on the shower screen or kitchen doors that are not flush. Telford Homes have an excellent aftersales customer service team and will ensure your brand new home will be handed over to you in pristine condition.

If you cannot attend this handover then do try to send an eagle-eyed friend. If you instruct Hurford Salvi Carr to let and manage the apartment for you and so long as we have enough notice, we can attend this for you as part of our service.

  • Do keep all the warranties provided in the handover pack and fill them in once a tenant is found,
  • Do ask the customer service team about any specific maintenance or cleaning requirements for the property such as the worktop in the kitchen. This can then referred to in the tenancy agreement by way of an individually negotiated clause and will avoid any unintended damage,
  • Do ensure that all the manuals are provided to tenants at the property and are stored in one place for ease,
  • Don’t call in a separate contractor if something breaks down without first checking that it is under guarantee. This could avoid a call or repair on an item that could have been attended to for free,
  • Do keep a set of keys with the concierge at all times for emergency access,
  • Do pass on the tenant’s contact details and property manager’s details to the block management company also for emergencies,
  • Do try to stay there overnight at least if you can to try out all the appliances and give the property a dry run before letting a new tenant move in. This will help iron out any hidden snagging issues.

One of the biggest challenges of letting a new apartment in a completing development is the competition from similar type units. This often gives tenants an expansive choice of apartments which ultimately allows them to put downwards pressure on asking rental values. Should you decide to instruct Hurford Salvi Carr to rent your apartment at Avant-garde we can provide a range of solutions to mitigate this:

  • Having acted as sales agents for Avant-garde our staff have an in-depth knowledge of the building, its views, specification and attributes of each apartment,
  • We will instruct a professional photographer to take up to 10 images and ensure that the photography makes your apartment stands out from the crowd,
  • We work with a range of different interior designers and furniture suppliers; different furniture packages and styles will help give your property a point of difference.
  • With Hurford Salvi Carr your property will be marketed from two different offices (our Docklands office and our City office) utilizing two different pools of potential tenants.

Lastly – Don’t delay! – If you want to beat the competition make sure that you are prepared and put you property on the market at the earliest opportunity. Contact us today on 020 7490 1122.

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Tips & advice for Landlords at Avant-garde
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