New Builds Inspection Checklist

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Hurford Salvi Carr Checklist for:

Pre-Completions Inspection:

  • How does the heating/air-conditioning work;
  • How do windows open? Inwards/outwards? How will this affect choice of blinds or curtains;
  • How many sets of keys and fobs will I get? Aim for at least 3 full sets plus post box, windows and meter cupboards;
  • Make sure all the electrical appliances work; turn them on and off;
  • Will you need induction pans for the hob?
  • Where is the stopcock?
  • Open all doors. Check they are well fitted and do not hit any walls or scratch the floor.
  • Are all cupboards and wardrobes fitted correctly? Do the doors open and close without a problem;
  • Rubbish – how is it collected and when;
  • Is there parking? How is it accessed?
  • How will you receive the warranties and certificates for the apartment?
  • Note down important phone numbers and contacts such as the block managers, contractors and service personnel.

On Completion

  • Will the lift have curtains for furniture deliveries;
  • Does the lift have to booked through the block managers for deliveries and moving in?
  • Arrange for a working phone line to be installed as soon as possible;
  • Where are the meter cupboards? Take readings;
  • Try out every single appliance. Don’t just read the manuals or leave them for the tenant, ask for a lesson;
  • Burn the oven at the highest setting for at least 30 minutes before using;
  • Set the thermostats for boilers, under floor heaters and climate control at their optimal level;
  • What do the block managers require to sublet?
  • Fill out all warranties with serial numbers and send away;
  • If you are going to let out the apartment make sure you have the Gas safety certificate;
  • Is the new address registered with Royal Mail? If not, see if the neighbour can help and ask to borrow their address temporarily to arrange deliveries;
  • Redirect any mail addressed to you for the first 3 months until the flat is let. Never rely on the new tenant to pass it on.
New Builds Inspection Checklist
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