In Conversation with Stephen Hurford, Owner and Director at Hurford Salvi Carr

By on Friday, January 27th, 2017 in City living, Featured Category, Market Trends.

Stephen Hurford, FNAEA, is the owner and Director of Hurford Salvi Carr Estate Agents in London.  He oversees the introduction of new business to the company, heads up the commercial department and is acting Chairman of Hurford Salvi Carr Property Management (HSCPM).  This year the company celebrates its 20th year in business and recently opened their 6th London Sales and Letting office.

What attracted you to a career in property?  

My father was an architect and my grandfather a builder.   A careers officer gave me a challenge to make a success in the business of selling property.

What makes Hurford Salvi Carr different from other estate agents?

Our strength is our integrity.

If you could change anything about your industry what would it be?

It will be to enforce compliance of all the overbearing levels of bureaucracy imposed by the various regulatory authorities to ensure a level playing field between all agents.

In such a competitive market why do you think Hurford Salvi Carr has succeeded where so many others fail?

Historically we have been an open-minded and forward thinking company, with the drive and ambition to try new challenges.   This set us apart.

Who was or still is your mentor?

Julian Vivien, FSVA – author of “The Art of House Agency”.  The book written, in 1975, followed me as a young negotiator and was a practical guide for estate agents using real life scenarios from my day-to-day life in the business.

Ambition or Talent which matters more to success?


Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most?

Emirates Airlines.  Their produce development; efficiency and customer service put them at the cutting edge of their industry.

What is your greatest achievement so far?

Apart from the setting up Hurford Salvi Carr, other notable achievements have been

  • The first agent to sell and work in Hungary
  • Helping to create the shared ownership home model, now a form of ownership accepted nationwide

What ambitions do you still have?

To see the full integration of Hurford Salvi Carr with our sister company Hurford Salvi Carr, Property Management (HSCPM).  And to establish new avenues of revenue and an increasingly diverse client database.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

The creation of Hurford Salvi Carr

What property tips would give your younger self?

To always be open and honest and never be afraid to try something new.

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to invest in the London property market today? 

Be cautious and take a very long term view.

What drives you on?

The thrill of the unknown next project.

What would you do if you didn’t work in the property sector?

No idea. There has never been a plan B.

How do you relax?

Skiing / golf / watching Stevenage Borough FC

What are you likely to do at the weekend?

Golf, socialising with friends, watching Stevenage Borough FC

Do you have a sound track that inspires you? 


Is there any message that you would like to give your employees? 

Don’t be micro managed and never feel intimidated about putting ideas forward