Combi Boiler Installation Guide

By on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 in Slider.

The Combi boiler prices maintain their values at a high level because of widespread throughout the UK, as well as increased reliability giving evidence.

Combi boiler installation rules

A Combi boiler must be installed according to the gas connections and the power supply indications. In addition, experts recommend connecting this equipment through a pipe that will not corrode over time. If you choose a copper plant, experts advise that at the junction of the pipe and the tank bed to use a threaded fitting installed to protect against erosion. Also, a Combi boiler must be positioned so that the route of the device to consumption points not to be very long. The pressure of the mounted equipment must be in perfect agreement with that indicated by its technical book.

Before proceeding to install a combination boiler, it is mandatory to check the type and strength of masonry wall that will stand. A fragile wall will be strengthened, so that the tank sits vertically, using 16 mm screws that need to be inserted into the wall at least 10 inches deep so that the equipment does not fall.

When installing a boiler, beside the Combi boiler prices and installation is recommended to keep in mind:

  • Installing a mechanical filter (Y1 / 2) on the cold water circuit;
  • 1/2 mount a magnetic filter circuit cold water;
  • Installing an expansion vessel capacity boiler (pdf file) properly;
  • Between safety valve and cylinder valves should not be installed;
  • Installing a drain valve at the bottom of the tank

How Combi boiler works

In the case of a gas combi boiler, the water pressure inside the heater depends on the water supply. When you turn on a tap to use hot water from the boiler, the heated water is pushed through the system by the pressure of the cold water supply. Because of this, experts recommend making the distance hot water has to travel though an apartment or house as short as possible to reduce heat loss.

The combination boiler installation costs

The cost of installing a combi boiler is based on the labor involved, such as connecting it up using the appropriate type of pipe. The connection is made to the existing system in one room, and any connections to pipework in another room is considered to be additional work. The combi boiler installation price is between £1,000 and £1,500 for the basic connection and can increase by £250 to £350 with each additional connection.

The Combi boiler benefits

Compared to other heating solutions, a combi boiler has many advantages, and over time you’ll save the cost of installation.

  • Installation doesn’t require regulatory approval.
  • No special techniques are required for installing a combi boiler in a room.
  •  Due to its low power consumption, a combi boiler requires no extra electrical installation.
  •  It provides constant hot water without variations in temperature.
  •  It’s fast, economic and clean.
  •  It’s easily connected to the water system.
  •  A combi boiler is quipped with an adjustable thermostat, which enables you to set the water temperature between 35 and 65°C, cutting the power supply automatically when the selected temperature is reached.
  •  The price of a combi heater is lower than the price of a gas boiler (50%), an electric boiler (75%) or a wood boiler (30%).


Currently the market offers many ways of heating the domestic water, so you have to carefully choose the appropriate device according to your needs and budget. Being made with materials and technologies that enable highly reliable operation and long life, a Combi boiler is the best choice to have hot water all the time, with minimum costs of installation and operation.

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