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Established 16 years ago, Hurford Salvi Carr has a long experienced in new residential properties in Clerkenwell. With two offices in Clerkenwell, our new homes property advisors can offer you valuable advice and personalised services to help you get the best possible return of investment. Having sold over 3,000 new homes in over 200 developments, mostly in Clerkenwell and the City suburbs, our estate agency has played a major role in the repopulation of the area.


Buying A New Home In Clerkenwell

London is full of exciting places that can make a great residency spot. However, not every location is perfect for every individual, which is why you need to have a thorough understanding of the area and its pros and cons.

Clerkenwell is a residential area located in the heart of Islington. The location is famous for its watchmaking, which was once of incredible importance. Clerkenwell garnered its name from the Clerks' Well, that can be found near Farringdon Lane. In the earlier days, the London Parish delegates performed yearly in the area. Some of the well stays perceptible, combined into a building that is known as the Well Court. The well is located near the Islington Local History Center.

Living in Clerkenwell

The residents of Clerkenwell enjoy the bars, restaurants and amazing theaters that offer many opportunities for recreation. The most common bars in the area are Fox & Anchor, the Cock Tavern and The Hope. The other bars include Smith's of Smithfield and The Slaughtered Lamb.

Clerkenwell’s history on the spotlight

The Eagle was established in 1991 was London's first gastropub. The Eagle has been joined by the Peasant, the Green, the Coach and Horses and the Gunmakers. These were part of the country's advancement of the conventional open house that were subsequently changed to Gastropubs. The Betsey Trotwood (a character from Charles Dicken’s David Copperfield) embraced the name in the year 1983; it is also called the Butcher's Arms.

Leisure and recreation

In addition to the many bars, Clerkenwell is one of London’s finest eateries that include St John, a customary English eatery, the Spanish/Moroccan eatery Moro, the Michelin featured Club Gascon, Café du Marché, and the European Bay Restaurant.

The area includes both modern and old apartment complexes and houses. Most of the houses are designed old Victorian styles; however, there are some apartment complexes that are built according to the modern architectural rules.

If you have decided to move to Clerkenwell, make sure that you have thoroughly considered all your options. You will have many options when it comes to buying a property in Clerkenwell. From astoundingly built apartment complexes to double storey homes, the location offers everything to those who are looking to find a permanent establishment in Clerkenwell. A reliable real estate agent would be able to help you with the process.