Mixed Use Investments

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With the alternative uses for which property can be converted / developed (subject to obtaining the necessary consents), it is important to be able to identify those uses which will complement each other and maximise the return for the property investor.

What are mixed use investments

Mixed use investment property may include any combination of residential, live work, educational, commercial (retail shops and offices), and industrial uses.

What are the benefits of holding mixed use investments

Every use type can be affected differently by changes in market economic conditions. For example if the commercial market should go through a downward cycle, it does not necessarily follow that the residential market will do the same  

Therefore if a property investment is for example held in a mix of both residential and commercial use and the commercial market price should suffer a downward cycle the whole of the capital invested may not necessarily be affected unlike a single class use property.

The highest property use value subject to location is residential. Therefore with mixed use properties any potential to change from another use to residential (subject to location and obtaining the necessary consents) can   provide capital investment appreciation.

Why Hurford Salvi Carr

The investment team at Hurford Salvi Carr have many years’ accumulated experience of handling mixed use investment property. Whether you are seeking valuation advice, asset management advice for sale or acquisition, let our in depth knowledge and expertise help you.